DCEVM and Hotswap Agent

DCEVM and Hotswap Agent

DCEVM and Hotswap Agent at NAZAX Consulting.
As we, at Nazax Consulting, offer the best approach with quality IT development and competitive pricing, we always look around and search for open-source software tools to help our development team, save time and clients’ resources.

It is a big pain of redeploying your code changes after making some smaller change. Every redeployment takes around 4 to 10 minutes on an average, depending on the size of your app and the machine infrastructure. There is a tool available on the market called JRebel, but the pricing $550 per developer… There is an alternative to JRebel, which is DCEVM (Dynamic Code Evolution Virtual Machine) along with HotswapAgent. We can take this advantage to redeploy every change you make once in a while to see the output.

There are always ways to save time, resources and invest it in other. Nazax can consult you on how to build your architecture and implement all business tasks or how to improve your current solutions. Let’s discuss your needs, please contact our Business Development Dept.