Benefits of keeping Front-end and Back-end Code

Benefits of keeping Front-end and Back-end Code

Benefits of keeping Front-end and Back-end Code into separate repositories.
Aside from cleaner more consistent code, this functionality allows Nazax developers to write code with more depth and reach. We’ll highlight several reasons for splitting client and API code into two repositories. Please follow our page on LinkedIn and contact for IT consultancy!

Don’t fix what isn’t broken.

It’s better for developing a new back- or front-end without disrupting what’s already in place. There’s no reason to tinker with code that is already functioning.

When you’re working with separate platforms.

Say you’re working with server and client-side frameworks. Keeping them separate encourages developers to work synchronously on the front-end and back-end components of a feature. This means your features can be completed more quickly!


One of the most popular trends in software development right now is microservices. The idea is that you should break up your monolithic application into smaller, more manageable loosely-coupled applications with very specific responsibilities.
While this strategy may be met with some skepticism, it is quickly becoming the standard way to develop modern JavaScript-driven web applications.