Advantages Of Decoupling Application Front-End From Back-End (Ep#1)

Advantages Of Decoupling Application Front-End From Back-End (Ep#1)

Choosing the right development stack is one of the first and most important decisions you have to make at the beginning of every project. Nazax team has extensive experience in designing high-load customized IT applications architecture from scratch, provides consulting and meets the requirements of clients’ business needs.

Developers and software architects have been exploring a new approach to application architecture: decoupling the front-end from the back-end. This approach involves decoupling of the application’s back-end and front-end components but connecting them with the help of APIs. As these two parts are loosely connected, their development can be carried out independent of each other.

By decoupling front-end and back-end development you eliminate any restraints on technology choices that each may have imposed on the other. This results in completely independent stacks used on the client and the server. For example, you could build the back-end using PHP or JAVA whilst the front-end could be built using Angular or React, a stack that was difficult to achieve previously.