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Our Java software development company helps keep your business on
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Java Software Development Company

Nazax, an experienced custom programming and Java software development company in Kiev, provides businesses and enterprises solutions (with location in Ukraine). As a well-established, resilient, and flexible platform, Java EE (Enterprise Edition) and the Java programming language in general remain the backbone of web-based enterprise applications. Our deep knowledge of Java and our ability to combine it with a wide variety of emerging languages and open source tools enables us to deliver reliable, scalable, and cross-platform compatible solutions for worldwide businesses.


Our team brings technical knowledge and real world experience to bear on virtually any aspect of the Java programming sphere. Here are just a few of the areas where we can provide development and consulting services:
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integration
  • Sales-force automation
  • JRuby integration with Ruby on Rails
  • Web services, AJAX, etc.
  • JaveServer Faces (JSF)
  • Struts, JSP, JavaScript, Swing, etc.
  • Java APIs (RMI, JMS, XML, Java Persistence, etc.)
  • Database connectivity (JDBC and ODBC)
  • Business Intelligence (BI) and reporting app integration
  • Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)
  • Java Mobile (Android)


At Nazax, we find that enterprise-class clients typically have an in-house Java EE development staff that is already working at capacity focusing on major projects and keeping mission critical systems running. There are side projects like integration, mobilization, new features, and other initiatives that the in-house team simply doesn’t have the time or specialized knowledge to handle. These clients need a way to capitalize on opportunity and stay competitive by:
  • Modernizing and standardizing legacy applications
  • Re-engineering desktop applications for the web
  • Fine tuning applications to improve performance
  • Revamping user interfaces and adding new features
  • Customizing email and communications systems
  • Integrating and unifying applications
  • Redesigning databases for easier access and upkeep
  • Assessing feasibility for new software projects
  • Adding BI tools and dashboards
On-boarding and training more full-time employees to handle programming work overflow is one option. But partnering with our team at Nazax often makes more sense. We provide immediate access to a panel of experts that can bring more than a dozen different skill-sets to the table on an as-needed basis. Our programmers get up to speed quickly and work closely with each client’s development and operations staff to ensure a seamless experience. Nazax’s onshore, collaborative approach to Rapid Software Development reduces the time required to get projects finished—allowing our clients to keep moving business forward.
We offer an alternative to costly “big name” consulting firms and offshore vendors. Our Kiev Java software development company is focused on building long-term partnerships—and we’re not afraid to start small to earn your trust. Bring us on board for your next project and see how easy it is to mark off the items on your custom software development wish list. For a consultation, contact us on Skype: chedi.rachdi or Viber/Whatsapp:

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