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  • Address:Frunze st. 1-3, office 41-A,
    04080 Kiev, Ukraine
  • Phone:+380937769581
  • Email:info@nazax.com
  • Skype:NAZAX

nazax studio

Full-cycle Application Development

Software as a Product

NAZAX Consulting provides complex software development service to produce ready-to-use software products for Medium & Large Business. Custom application in wide range of industrial demands:

  • Web-Based Software Applications
  • Server Applications
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Distributed Applications & Cloud Computing
  • Innovative and nonstandard Software for business needs

Customers' business domain expertise and our technical progress are converted to efficient software for fast growing corporate particular requirements.

Pricing Model

Price is fixed for the whole application. Big software product can be broken down on separated modules that are payed independently. Operating in a cost-efficient labor market in Eastern Europe lets us to make high-quality software affordable for the clients with limited budget.

Delivery Time

Production process is always accompanied by some level of uncertainty. With our Customers we define predictable product delivery model based on accurate planing, seamless communication and transparency of all processes. Our partners are assured and rely own business operations on product delivery time.

Warranty & Support

Our applications come with Customer Protection Plan that includes:

  • Three-months of direct technical support and consultancy from our experts
  • One-year limited warranty on whole application and separated modules according to the requirements defined in the application development agreement

Customer Protection Plan can be extended by mutual agreement or unilateral initiative of the NAZAX Consulting.

NAZAX Consulting is transparency in partnership and efficiency in business.
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  • Why NAZAX?

    • Reliable software development that is affordable.
    • Experts you can trust.
    • Technologies you can rely on.
    • Innovation in software design and delivery.
    • Results that create sustainable advantages.
    • 100% lifetime satisfaction promise.
    • "Test drive" 60 days offer plan.
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  • Technologies

    • High-performance multi-tier systems, Distributed platforms, Cloud computing
    • Java/J2EE, Python, Perl
    • HTML(5), CSS(3)
    • JavaScript, jQuery, Dojo
  • Collaboration HOW TO:

    Traveling on demand:
    team to you or you to team (Kiev, Ukraine)

    Development processes:
    Agile (Scrum) or Waterfall

    Everyday communication:
    English via Skype, Email, Phone

    Collaboration tools:
    JIRA, Confluence, Basecamp, Google Docs etc.