Delivering Java Solutions for great Web Applications

Technological Experts for building and renovating high performance application platforms that meets nowadays requirements
  • Java 8
  • Tomcat
  • Spring
  • Hibernate
  • MyBatis
  • MySLQ
  • Elastic Search
  • Solr
  • Swagger
  • Angular


Software Architect

Design software skyscrapers using java in a modern way to build efficient, comprehensive platforms.

Backend Developers

Java Expertise combined with business understanding of customer. Deliver fast and compact solutions.

Frontend Developers

High skilled and fast producing Angular Developers knowing how to best work with Java Backend.

DevOps Engineers

Integrate automated application delivery process to production. Make it as simple as button click.

Application Development

Business oriented, user friendly, nice looking, easy for maintenance, architecturally scalable, self-explaining code. This is which application must be.

Stick to the planning, delivery milestone in time, open communication, escalation of each issue, several rounds of testing and QA over each feature. This is application development process must be.

Technical Audit

Estimation of the application real worth, time and resources to develop.

Architectural / code / environment analyzing. Report on overall quality of the product, matching to the serving business and nowadays technological progress, potential issues and readiness for growing traffic, inefficiencies and overblown costs. Defining stages of reasonable upgrades.

Platform Rebuilding

With over 15 years of experience in building high traffic portals, we know how to scale and what PITFALLS to avoid. Our approach roots in the classic component-oriented design and service-oriented-architecture (SOA) with a flair of Design by Responsibility, a delicious dish recently became known as MICROSERVICES.

We also like to KISS - keep things simple - we won't try to solve your future problems, instead we will help you to achieve your goals and get a thin, manageable, extendable and flexible architecture which can serve you years.

Handling Performance Problems

There are a lot of possible performance problems you may encounter: various garbage collection issues, slow database queries, lock contention, thread starving to name the few. Often they are caused by bugs or misconfigurations. We will help you to find them, eliminate them and ensure that they won't go unnoticed next time.

And, if the problem is within the application itself, we will help you to make it scale both, architecture- and deploywise.

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Application Management

Application 24x7. This is where we excel. Because we have the tools and more than 15 years experience in application management of high traffic applications.

The classical monitoring approach will tell you if HTTP response returned and disk space is enough. Our tool will show you if site is generating the business value in expected range, if the business processes like registration, checkout or subscription payment are working as they should.

See application issues before your customers do and BE ABLE to REACT in time.

Peak Resources

Part-and-full time Developers available in a short time to close immediate project needs, compensate broken deadlines.

Or hire additional resources for particular project: easy technical team capacity increasing, flexibility of the Development resources planning.

Full integration into the internal team. Just 1-2 weeks for penetration into the actively developing project. Combining crisis management with Java / Web / Servers expertise backs projects on time rails.

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